Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nutcase in the area

*edited to add - there will be a press conference live on KKHA at 2 pm central time today, January 6th 2011. *

There is some psychotic who is threatening one of the school districts in the county. The Superintendent of Schools received this letter during the Christmas break:

Mr. Brown

Kidds should have a quite classroom to learn in. That is all my child wanted when my kidd told some kidds to shut up in class one day. My Kidd was latter hurt by the talkers.
Now if my rules are not followed to the letter I will cut you youngest girl f****** head off and mail it to her mother and that is all you will have to put in the ground.
You F****** bleeding heart Liberals have let the piece of S*** kidds run your schools.
Now here are my rules. Break one and see what happens. Let me be clear if anyone breaks the rules I will punish there kidds this goes for School Board members and kids.

1. All rules are to be followed. No rules are to be changed to avoid punishment by me.
2. No talking unless told to. No exceptions.
3. Staff are to enforce all rules or there kidds will pay. Staff is anyone in any way works for BCISD.
4. There will be no limit to staff in any way to give detention after school you call it A.S.D.
5. A.S.D. will be in one place for each school and run by you 2 days a week "high school" other 3 days for AP's. No teachers run A.S.D. you need to know who your s*** heads are. No teacher has A.S.D. in there room I will punish them or kidd. ADS will be one our long for each school
6. Student who get A.S.D. Has that day and next to serve A.S.D. No exceptions.
7. Student gets 3 days detention in one week gets 3 days ISS and must serve A.S.D. on those days. No exceptions.
8. Studet in ISS must have parent sign in and out studet from school each day of ISS or pay $20.00 for each day of ISS. No exceptions.
9. BCISD has until January 4, 2011 to have a meeting with all staff and give each staff a copy of this letter. Letter to each student on new A.S.D. and the rule to it. Parents must sign letter. Students who do not return letter 48 hr. after they get it gets A.S.D. until signed.

P.S. If rule 9 is not followed I will kill a random student because you 2 girls will be well garded by then. I will continue to kill random students until you do. Your lack of student control has hurt my child and I am termanal and will only be with them for 18 months. School will not be a nightmare for them. This is for the best. I know people will hide the joy of what I have done not to seem as hartless as some will think I am.

This was the letter sent to him - the FBI & DPS/Texas Rangers are involved in finding this lunatic who sent this.

Tuesday school attendance was about 50% of usual. When I went to pick up children for AWANA Wednesday night, there were very few that came. I was told several would not be attending because of what happened with school. Every parent in the school district got sent home the letter with more from the superintendent about what they were going to do.

Tuesday afternoon they held a press conference, and you can hear the press conference, and the interview with the superintendent at KKHA. The interview is quite interesting. Haven't listened to the press conference yet.

An update to what was current as of yesterday - An additional threat has been texted to students at the high school, basically '1 rule broken, 2 girls die at the jr. high and two from high school'.

This is VERY upsetting.

What kind of psychotic would do this? I don't get the mind-set that would think that these sort of actions are okay. I'm glad we don't live in that district, but if security at all county schools have been ramped up just in case. If we did, guess what, back to homeschooling! Would suck for kidlet, as she graduates this year, and is #2 in her graduating class. She just can't seem to get past the quarterback.

Would you send your child to school while this was going on? They say that Texas law requires no more than 3 unexcused absences per year... otherwise you get to go explain in court why your child was not at school - but the parents have to decide if to have to deal with that, or the terror of having their child go to school. I'd say the heck with the court, kidlet wouldn't be going if we lived in that district. Or else, I'm gonna go sit in each class with her and keep as close as white on rice to her.


  1. Diane:
    What I cannot fathom is why we're seeing SO MUCH MORE of weird crap like this ALL over the place...
    Makes me wonder if someone's putting something in the water and making all the "borderline" nutjobs blossom.
    There has to be something at the BOTTOM of this stuff.
    If it's not ADULTS doing's the KIDS THEMSELVES!

    Maybe somebody WANTS all the kids to NOT be in school...change our future by changing the minds of the kids WOULD be a good start.

    Pretty soon, we'd have a nation of REAL "sheeple", and the government would find it REAL easy to push their nanny-state polices on us all (for our safety).

    This REALLY creeps me out.
    (and I don't get there that easy these days)

    Have a good weekend down there.
    And stay safe.

  2. It's getting nuts.. on the evening of the 6th, there was a bomb threat at Linnie Roberts Elementary. Police took dogs through the whole school, nothing was found. the threat was via phone call.