Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not surprisingly...

my internet still stinks. Blah!

On the political side, there are a few things of note:

Ezra Klein, who thinks highly of himself, and very lightly esteems the Constitution, bleats this screed:

that it (Constitution) was 'confusing' because it was written more than 100 years ago [He must be a product of the public education system!-D] and what people believe it says, differs from person to person, and ALSO depends on what they want it to say.

Also! (aghast look) that 'the Constitution has no bearing on anything'. WHAT? this guy, who supposedly went to college (guess where - CAL) and has a political science degree, must've slept through all his classes, or was the favorite provider of stuff for the bongs. And I'm not too sure that he didn't drink the bongwater, being *so* bright. So who gives this guy a job as a political blogger on a newspaper site? The Washington Post. Hmm.. I have a 2x4 that needs a job...perhaps put an application for it into the WP. Good chances of getting a job considering this guy they have.

I heard that the new Republicans are going to have the Constitution read on the floor, and entered into the record. It is quite possible that for many congressmen, senators, and other policy dweebs up there, the first time they've actually heard/read/know what's in it. Although they swear to 'uphold the Constitution', dollars to doughnuts, most don't know what's in it. Perhaps with this new crop, some sense will come in.

I was listening to the radio Thursday night, coming home from Houston, and heard about the amounts of disposable income relating to several income levels. Here is the chart:

I'd say this pretty much speaks for itself, and yet we hear, that we aren't doing enough for 'the poor'. How much is enough? How large does the welfare state have to be, when liberals can say "Okay, this is a large enough size"? I have a book hereabouts (not exactly sure which bookstack it is in at the moment), called "Never Enough: America's Limitless Welfare State". It's available at Amazon. If you have a kindle, I'd still suggest getting the hard copy, as it has quite a few charts in it, and unless you have a good magnifier, your eyes are going to scrunch up really bad trying to read the text on the bottom of those charts! (I'm having to use a magnifier on the charts on John Lott's book "More Guns, Less Crime" on my kindle.

You know, I always kind of wondered, why 'the poor' have internet, computers, cell phones, regular phones, large flat-screen TVs, all the goodies.

I hope ya'll had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve. For New Years Eve we stayed at Karankawa Village B&C (bed & cookies), in the Roseate's Roost. Man, that mattress was like laying on a cloud, that you could sink into! Walked on the beach the next morning, picked up lots of scallop shells, had to run from the water a couple times, and saw a blue-ish jellyfish laying in the sand. It was still inflated, and had some water swirling around in it. It looked almost plastic-y. Being it was in the 50s, the beach was deserted. No one even out on the pier fishing.


  1. Diane:
    I am only responding to ONE facet of a great post (the "poor" part), so here goes:

    The ONLY reason the "poor" (and I use that word provisionally), get all the stuff, is because of ONE word:

    They have pitched a fit, griped, bitched, pissed, and moaned their way into receiving EVERYTHING that ALL the working stiffs have to PAY FOR. (the NORMAL way to get things)

    Actually, we're all pretty much paying for THEIR stuff, too...along with our OWN.

    And that's why the welfare system is so damn BROKE!
    (so that means I can go to their house and RECLAIM stuff, because *I* paid for it, right?)

    We could only WISH we could, eh?

    The poor are "funded" by the DEMOCRATS...remember that.
    Think of it as trading ONE form of slavery for ANOTHER.

    And that can't be good.

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe down there.

  2. Its Uncle Sam's plantation is what it is. People have traded slavery of the more vile sort,for the insidious sort that doesn't literally manacle and shackle you, but it still does,even the same. Entitlements need to be cut off.