Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elections are over now

And Houston voted to get rid of the red light cameras. WOOHHOO! Each time I went under one, I'd wonder how many people flipped the bird to the camera as they went through a yellow light.

Proposition 19 did not pass in Kommiefornia. But the idiots got Jerry Brown in as governor.

Houston, where Bill White was the mayor before Annise Parker, got more of the vote in Dallas, and not much in Houston. Perry carried Houston.

For your viewing pleasure - this is the cat that is in the Fresh Step cat litter commercial, about how 'cats love boxes'.

More news out of Oklahoma about their outlawing of Shari'a law - CAIR (the unindicted co-conspirator of Hamas), is filing suit to have it ruled null and void. If they're "moderate", why should they not mind if shari'a is not the law? and with "moderate muslims", doesn't that imply merely by the word "moderate" that there is something inherently dangerous in Islam?


  1. DIane:
    Our cats like paper grocery bags...and they have to be "fresh" ones.
    After a few months, they won't bother it anymore until I swap it out..go figure.

    Good observation on the Shari'a law and dangers of ISLAM.
    (who knew?)

    ANn yes, I posted about Police Women of DALLAS...just in case youw ere wondering.

    SO now I have a better understanding WHY I will NEVER mess with a woman from TEXAS (esp. if she's got a

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL. that is funny about the paper sacks wearing out from the cats. I haven't been reading blogs lately, or posting very much on mine. But I have a few things rolling around on my mind.