Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After...

I hope your Thanksgiving was good - we had turkey, stuffing, roast parsnips & sweet potatoes. Lots of leftover turkey, and the stuffing is already gone. Actually went to Walmart today to get the difference back on a new camera I purchased, because the price went down. They don't give you the difference...they require you to bring in the product, return it, then buy it again at the lower price. For those of you who overstuffed yourself on turkey & fixings yesterday, here is an appropriate song:

you went to the supermarket got your turkey wrapped in plastic
cooked it in the oven just right should come out fantastic
the whole family’s coming over you put on your evening gown
but creeping up behind you all moist and golden brown
it’s the zombie turkey coming to pay you back
you run up the stairs into the bathroom lock the door
you can hear her boney legs banging on the floor
she’s coming ever closer now, you look out the window to see
an entire neighborhood overrun by zombie turkeys
they are zombie turkeys and they’re coming to pay you back
she’s banging down the door now it looks like there’s no escape
you can’t outrun her because you’re fat and out of shape
if only you exercised more, ate less, you’d be thinner
what a terrible way to die to be eaten by your dinner
by a zombie turkey who has come to pay you back

Zombie Turkey

1 comment:

  1. Diane:
    Didn't know that about Wal-Mart (we rarely go there...)
    I don't like the "atmosphere"(ghettoesque).

    As to the song?

    Zombie Turkey...
    funny stuff(ing)!

    Have a great week.