Sunday, April 5, 2009

so stupid!

This woman who drove into a line of cars while texting during driving..and killed a woman. She recieved a sentence of 6 years..and plans to appeal? what's her basis for that? "I really didn't mean to?"

She had been seen previously, texting while driving. People! ya gotta pay attention! Just ignore stuff while you're driving. I backed into a post while the kids were fighting in the back seat, and because I wasn't paying attention, BOOM!.. and the truck has a dented bumper still :P

I talk on my cell when I drive.. but I dont pay much attention to the phone. I've driven behind people who are leaning over into the passenger side, with a cell phone stuffed up against their ear, (how can they drive sideways like that?) and they're doing about 10 mph in a 30 zone. Why don't they just PULL OVER and get out of my way!

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