Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it really FAIR? Yes or No? sound off

Is it really fair to tax only 10% of the population for 72.4% of all the taxes collected in the United States? The people making over 92,400$ pay 10% of all the taxes collected in income taxes. 60% of the country paid 3.3% of the taxes in 2001. By 2005, very few were paying the income taxes, less than 1% of the tax. Is this fair?

Let's look at this another way - distribution of income - in 2001, bottom 40%, earning less than 30,500$ made 13.5% of the income, but paid no tax. They received money totaling 16.3 billion. By 2005, it was $33.3 billion.

And people STILL go on about "the rich" not paying their fair share. Who is considered rich for these purposes? the people making under $100,000. That isn't a whole lot. People like to throw around labels like "rich" "the poor" etc.. but we need to actually TAKE A LOOK at who is paying what.. and is this actually FAIR. Is it fair for a person who makes more to pay a higher percentage than someone who makes less? NO. Why, you might ask? Let's take a different tack on that - should they pay a higher cost for their food, their gasoline, everything they consume because they make more? Should their laundry soap cost more because they make more? Should their dog shots at the veterinarian cost more because they make more, and can afford to pay more? Am I being silly? No. I'm merely taking the sick reasoning that you are saying that "they are not paying their fair share" and applying it to everyday life.

A flat tax is fair for everyone, and a sensible solution. A 17% flat tax, would bring in more revenue for the government, and it would really make the tax code much easier. A flat tax would level the playing field for everyone. 17% of 30,000 is much less than 17% of 100,000. See what common sense can do for one?


  1. interesting, something to keep an eye on :D

  2. Not sure about the level of the tax, but a flat tax would definitely work, as long as there were no deductions.