Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Licensing smokers?

Go figure.. the nosy nannies are at it again...this time, suggesting smokers get licensed by the government to buy cigarettes.  Can you say "black market"? 

I quit smoking over 24 years ago - I really don't care for smoking, and I think it STINKS...but I'm not saying that other people cannot smoke if they wish.  

Some nutjobs academics out of Australia are suggesting that smokers be licensed, and have to pay the government for the amount of cigarettes they buy.   The whole argument is found here

Remember the liberals were all about "get the government out of our bedrooms"? Now they're wanting to regulate pretty much every doggone behavior.  


  1. Diane:
    It simply amazes me how governments will go AFTER smokers (who front a TON of TAX MONEY through each purchase of ciggies or tobacco-related products) and will yet contimue to give away the farm to those on WELFARE that don't even deserve one blessed red cent of it...
    Talk about socking it to the taxpayers...

    They can all go and kiss my lily-white patootie.

    But that's just MY 2 cents.

    Good post.

    Stay safe down there.

  2. Diane:
    BTW...don't see ANY politician trying to regulate VIOLENT the CT aftermath.
    Too busy regulating GUNS.

    Or how about regulating UNETHICAL or UNPATRIOTIC behavior?
    Guess they'd have to arrest THEMSELVES on that last

    Stay safe down there.

  3. I think there needs to be a discussion on mental health, not gun control - mental health is the problem. Its really hard to get someone involuntarily committed - and due to the ACLU and their ilk, the mentally impaired, schizophrenics, etc, are out on the streets - quite a few living homeless, no one to make sure they take their pills. The mom was going to have him committed, and I guess she did not do it soon enough.

    We had the AC on here yessterday!