Thursday, April 26, 2012

lemon cake & Whitney Houston

OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS! I don't like it! bring back my regular look!

On another note, what Bobby G said about if life gives you lemons.. make lemon cake! here is the recipe:

And now onto bigger and better things - a sermon I heard this past Sunday at church, by Isaiah G.

He talked about Whitney Houston's death - and his sister's funeral was the same day as hers, so he didn't get to see the broadcast of her funeral. I could only watch a little of it. I'm not really UP that much on funerals, since my mom passed away in 97.

 He talked about how when you go crabbin', you take a hunk of bacon, or a chicken neck, and tie it on that rope - and that crab sees that bacon come down in front of it, and thinks "here's BACON!" and a feast. The world dangles shiny things (like BACON!) in front of us, and we think we've got it made, here's this great dinner, all for free. Turns out there's a rope with a fisherman attached to that bacon, and where does the crab get put? In the bucket.

Soon as you think you've got it made, you're stuck in the bucket of the world. It closes you in, and traps you. Try to climb out of that bucket, another crab is sure to grab you with its pincers and drag you back in that bucket, not allowing you to escape. And finally, you get dumped in a pot of hot water.

I really enjoy his preaching, and when that clock hit 3:15, and he was still going, he said he had better stop, but I was ready for much longer preaching. How much are you willing to pay for that bacon or chicken neck on a string?

My kids have gone crabbing with chicken necks and rope, and a washed-out 5 gallon bucket from cat litter. Many chicken necks are dangled our way, will we take them, and end up in hot water, or not? Will we be happy just hanging out in the bottom of the water, or will we pinch at that bacon, and get taken for a ride, as Whitney Houston did?

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  1. Diane:
    Aww...and I was thinking of that bacon-crab combo as being edible by HUMANS (wasn't thinking fishing)....would make a damn fine dish, that's for sure.
    Two GREAT tastes that go great together.

    Lemon CAKE?
    Never thought of THAT one....and that black tea frosting has me intrigued (it's the chef in

    Yeah, Blogger NEEDS to get back to BASICS...
    (thanks for the mention)
    I wish people would leave what works...ALONE.

    Maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon...but I'm a FEISTY one (that likes and feed bunnies on the patio).

    Have a great weekend.
    (gonna look up that recipe, too)

    Stay safe down there.