Saturday, September 3, 2011

Up early on a Saturday

I was rudely awakened by the 'poinker' who massaged me gently with his claws, and bit my nose :| What a way to wake up. Speaking of waking up, this is hilarious!

I used JP Sousa playing loudly on the boombox that I took into the girls' room - to this day, they still know the song I played, and can hum it. Either that, or some ice to the back woke them up also.

I'd be freaking out too:


Well... considering I don't like spiders, although when we moved our couch, there were BARN SPIDERS underneath it. Rachel and myself were whacking them with paperbacks for a while. I counted at least a dozen. Lovely, under the couch. They could have popped out at any time. And the cats were useless. Like when we first moved in here, we found out that the shed we have...has mice. They got into a couple boxes that we brought into the house to unpack. The cats sat just watching them, while hubby and I played "pool" with a walking stick from Mt. Fuji and the mouse. Corner pocket BAM!

I'm thinking back 23 years ago today...the day hubby and I tied the knot. We went to a cheesy wedding thingie in San Diego, had some woman minister, and taped music. His brother did the photography (and did a great job!). We had both rented, his tux and my bridal dress - evidently San Diego is large enough for that. I was so nervous, I laughed most of the time during the ceremony. Then we had our 'reception' .. it was 2 of Paul's friends, and his family. So we went off to Red Lobster, and I had dropped off the cake earlier in that day at the restaurant. Evidently someone wanted to taste the frosting, as there was a finger smear in the middle of it when they brought it out. We were in the glassed in part, so we could see them decorating the car lol. Had a nice dinner, then off to Disneyland Hotel. His dad had gotten us a room, they upgraded us to a suite, on the 8th floor. We ended up paying for another 2 nights there, and we got the same rate he had paid - employee discount rate. We went to Disneyland, but mostly hung out in the Hall of Presidents - because it was air conditioned. it was so hot those few days. Then up the coast of CA, along I5. Stopped in Gilroy (garlic capitol of the world) and tried garlic wine. It would be good for cooking with. The town smells of garlic. Then on to more wineries, a very nice time.

It seems like so long ago... yet not? I can remember specific things that we did that day - like stopping at Mervyn's to buy nylons and some makeup. Going to the florist to pick up the flowers I had ordered. How Paul looked that day. (young comes to mind!) Here is a picture from that day:

Life is really strange how many turns and twists it makes. When I left home at 17, I had no plan in mind, no direction, no idea of what I wanted to do. I've lived in a van out in a state park down in Florida (bad time of life), spent years in the Navy, and then worked sporadically since I started having the girls.

The youngest has started college now (although her classes are just in town, so she lives here); another chapter of my life has begun I think. She's so busy with classes and work, that she is hardly ever home. Hubby and I only had a little over a year together before Kat was born, and now it's 'what do we do?'.

I guess we're older, wiser; but that really doesn't matter a hill of beans, when you think about what you've accomplished in your life.

ugh, now i'm getting maudlin, so I'll quit :)


  1. Diane:
    You're not doing (or acting) much different from how I feel most days.

    Points in out signposts urging us in a particular direction...
    Moments of clarity when we recall specific events, places, or people.
    Cool stuff.

    Life can be wondrous, as long as we DO take time (as you have) to remember with fondness and break a smile.

    Great stories and a fantastic post.
    (what's in your water, 'cause I want me some of

    Stay safe down there.

  2. Thanks. It seems like so long ago.. yet in a way, not. I am thinking I wish my parents had wrote down their thoughts, and what happened during the time when they started seeing each other, etc. My parents had started being 'boyfriend and girlfriend' since 5th grade. I found out at my mom's memorial service, the priest that did the service, had known my mother since 1st grade. It was rather neat talking to him and finding out about her. also watching home movies of theirs from when they were dating... I never knew my parents rode horses. Mom always made me strip down to underclothes after a horse show so I wouldn't bring the smell/manure/hairs of horses indoors. And it was straight down to the stationary tub in the laundry room, to wash up before I was allowed anywhere else in the house. I also found out that in my family, sticking your tongue out at the camera was rather common.