Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vandals get what's coming to them

An older lady whose property has been vandalized by some "youths" finally had enough. They've set her garbage can on fire, her BBQ, and broken her windows before. She was coming home from the grocery store, and all her windows were broken. 2 boys were running away from the scene.

So later, they come back, start throwing bricks at her and shouting obscenities. What does the old lady do? BAM! pulls out a gun & shoots one (good shooting!).

The thugs were 12 and 13. The 12 year old was treated then they were both charged with aggravated assault. The old lady is NOT going to be charged - and she should not be anyway. Police had not responded to her other calls, and so, what do you do when police do nothing? You do what you have to.

Up in Houston, evidently porn killed the guy - "Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found locked in a video booth at an adult book store on U.S. 59 in northeast Houston the day after he was seen entering the business."

Heh. I won't make comments about *that* one!

Here's stupid - a parking meter maid tickets a hearse - where? Why, because it was parked in the 'no parking' zone right outside a banquet hall. There was supposed to be the man's daughter's 25th anniversary party there, but with the death in the family, that was called off, and they had the funeral service there instead. The idiot parking maid was told quite a few times it was a funeral, including the hearse driver, a retired sheriff's deputy. Good thing they got it cleared up! Did I mention it was Sunday, and the streets were deserted, so it's not like they parked there because the parking spots were filled.

Back to a weapon keeping the criminals at bay: An 83 year old man makes would-be robber flee. He has a concealed carry permit for his .25, and he *will* not let someone take advantage of him, merely because he has a cane and a limp. A transient (since when are they transients? I call them BUMS) tried to rob him, knocked him down & tried to take his wallet. So the old man pulls out his gun and tells the BUM to get away from him. The dood ran away, but was later caught and charged with attempted strong-arm robbery.

I seem to be getting less & less tolerant of crime, criminals, etc. And the death penalty. What about having ONE (1) appeal, and then BAM, they're done for. None of this sitting around for 30 years like some murderer did. Why are we keeping them around? Let's clear out death row within 30 days, and then new ones can take their place - I think that would send a strong message to not step over that line. Also the death penalty for more cases - murder? 1 appeal, then off to the gurney. Or the gas chamber, whatever your state uses. Child molesters - death penalty. You get the idea. And what is prison for? nowadays it's used as "teaching them a new way" however, the idea of prison is *punishment*. Cruel and unusual? no.

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  1. Diane:
    God, how I love these HAPPY ENDINGS!
    it NEVER gets old.

    Glad that elderly woman got tired of being dealt a crap hand by these teen thugs...
    Serves a damn fine lesson to EVERYONE around her...don't screw w/ Granny!

    I'm with you 100% on this "death sentence" (by old age) BS.
    They need to bring back the old Philadelphia style of penal reform (not pretty, just tough), that as decried for being "too cruel"...

    I say the BEST lesson you can teach ANY thug is a few rounds "in the zone"...
    At least they never bother anyone egain.

    Excellent post.

    Have a great weekend.